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If you've got a question about our car hire and truck rental services or how Network Rentals work, you’re likely to find the answer here. If your question isn’t answered below,  or you require more information, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team either online or by calling us directly.

  • How do I pay for the rental service?

    Payment needs to be made by credit card when collecting the vehicle and the credit card holder must be present.

    The estimated rental value will be charged upfront and a pre-authorisation is made on your credit card for theapplicable security bond.As long as the vehicle is returned undamaged and no additional charges apply (e.g. refuelling, excess kms travelled etc.),then the pre-authorisation will be cancelled by the credit card issuer between 3 and 7 working days.

    American Express and Diners Cards incur a 3% surcharge.

  • How old do I need to be to rent a vehicle?

    You will need to be 21 years of age, which is the minimum rental age for most vehicles.  For larger and specialty vehicles, 25 years of age is required. If you have any concerns regarding the minimum rental age, please call your local office to check before you make your booking.

  • What driver’s licence is required?

    Yes, a full and valid driver’s licence must be presented at the time your vehicle is being collected. Your licence must include a clear photo, and keep in mind that probationary licences are not accepted. International customers must present a driver’s licence written in English, or alternatively, a valid international driving permit for translation purposes.

  • Can I list additional drivers on the rental agreement?

    Additional drivers can be listed on the rental agreement for a small daily fee. Additional drivers must be present at the time the vehicle is collected and need to present a full and valid driver’s licence. Only a maximum of 2 additional drivers can be listed on the rental agreement.

  • What is the minimum rental period?

    The minimal rental period is 24 hours. This can be extended subject to availability and additional charges.

  • Is insurance included in the rental price?

    Insurance is included on all commercial and passenger rental vehicles. A damage liability fee ranging from $400 to $5000 is standard in the event of an accident. Network Car & Truck Rentals recommend choosing the optional Excess Reduction Fee. This can dramatically reduce excess costs subject to the Terms and Conditions of the rental agreement.

  • Can I hire a GPS and other extras?

    In most cases your request to add a GPS or other optional extras to your rental vehicle will be fulfilled, however we cannot guarantee availability until pick-up.

  • Will I be guaranteed the same vehicle I select online?

    Vehicle makes and models listed are a guide and vary from location to location. Therefore guaranteeing a specific make and model is difficult. Vehicles are booked in categories with similar vehicle specifications.  If we cannot confirm your request for a particular category, we will upgrade you to the next category, subject to availability. Please note, we cannot guarantee vehicle colour.

  • Where can I drive my rental and can I go off-road?

    If you intend to take your vehicle outside of the local area in which it’s being collected, please get in touch with us to ensure no restrictions apply. All vehicles are strictly to remain on sealed roads, meaning off-road driving is prohibited. For more information about where you can take your rental vehicle, speak to the team at your rental pick-up location.

  • Do I have to return my vehicle with a full tank of fuel?

    We recommend that you re-fuel your vehicle before returning it to avoid paying a re-fuelling surcharge.

  • I am planning to travel on toll roads, what should I do?

    If you’re planning to travel on toll roads, you can easily request an e-TAG for your vehicle. It’s important that you specifically request an e-TAG as these are not included in rental vehicles as standard. Once specified, an e-TAG will be fitted, covering travel on all Australian toll roads. A daily fee is charged to your rental agreement for this convenience. You can alternatively choose to add the rental vehicle’s registration to your private toll account temporarily. RTA issued e-TAGs can be used on all toll roads.

    If you travel on any toll road without an e-TAG, you will be charged a $35 administration fee by Network Car & Truck Rentals as well as, a late toll invoice by the relevant transport authority. This could also include subsequent fines.

  • What happens if I need to cancel my rental vehicle?

    No cancellation fee will be charged if you provide seven or more days’ notice. If you cancel your rental within seven days you will be charged a fee. The fees are listed on the confirmation email.

  • Can I return the vehicle early?

    Yes, rental vehicles can be returned earlier than the selected drop-off date. Refunds are not issued for vehicles dropped off early.

  • What happens to the personal information I provide?

    The information you supply online will be used by Network Car & Truck Rentals for the preparation of the rental agreement, a copy of which is supplied to you at the collection of your vehicle. We will not disclose personal information concerning you, including your email address, to parties outside the company except in circumstances where we are required by law.

  • Can I return the vehicle to a different location?

    In some cases it is possible to return your vehicle to a different rental location, however please confirm this at the time of collecting your vehicle (or before drop-off). An additional fee may be

  • What happens if I return the vehicle late?

    Customers who return their vehicle after the agreed drop-off period will incur additional charges. The rate at which you’re charged will depend on how late the vehicle is received. If you expect that you cannot drop off your vehicle on time, please notify your local Network Car & Truck Rentals office.

  • What happens if I’m involved in an accident?

    If you’re involved in an accident, first remain as calm as possible and ensure that you remove yourself from any potential danger.

    Gather the contact details (names, addresses, registration numbers) of all involved parties and if necessary contact the police and emergency services. Also, call your local Network Car & Truck Rentals office to report the accident within 24 hours of the incident.

    If your rental vehicle is not driveable, ensure that it’s left in a safe place before leaving the scene.

The above information is in no way intended to be the terms and conditions of our rental agreement nor are they intended to exclude the full provisions of the agreement. A copy of terms and conditions of the rental agreement is supplied at time of rental.